Novel Drug Delivery Systems

Novel Drug delivery systems

Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS) alludes to the approaches, formulations, innovations, and frameworks for transporting a pharmaceutical compound in the body as expected to accomplish its ideal therapeutic impacts securely. NDDS is a system for transportation of a drug other than the traditional medication conveyance framework. It is a mix of cutting-edge, and new dose forms which are far superior to conventional dosage forms. Acubiosys creates formulations, including drug delivery systems, for new chemical entities.

Acubiosys has skill with new drug delivery innovations that can enable makers to control both the rate at which a medication is discharged and the area in the body where it is discharged.

Our involvement with pharmaceutical delivery systems incorporates creating formulations with product candidates, which can depend to some degree on information from existing reference drugs. The new medication delivery innovations and plans created by Acubiosys can bolster the development of our customers’ intellectual property portfolios.